Are you a big fan of grilling? You know, are you one of those guys you see on those over the top commercials that act like grilling in the back yard is their whole life.

OK, I admit it, I’m sort of like those guys. Although I may not have the full stainless steel kitchen grill set, I do have a fine George Foreman indoor outdoor grill. Ah ha, I’ll bet that rang a bell. I think we pretty much all have these now days. Not that you have to get rid of your old-school charcoal grill. Heck, I would never recommend doing that. Sometimes that nice smoky charcoal flavor is what hits the spot. However, there is certainly something to be said about simplicity and convenience, and both are what you get with the George Foreman indoor outdoor grill.

What do you know about the George Foreman indoor outdoor grill? Sure, you’re probably aware that it’s the new-age smart way to grill. It literally allows that fat and grease to roll off the meat, hence saving your arteries. You probably also know that it cooks quickly and evenly without polluting the environment, unlike the retro charcoal grills.

However, did you know that the George Foreman indoor outdoor grill could have been called something else? Well, you’d only know this if you watched that series with Hulk Hogan and his family. I was amazed one night I was flipping through the channels and I caught part of that Hogan show. Hulk Hogan explained how the George Foreman indoor outdoor grill was almost the Hogan grill. Apparently an agent had two products that needed endorsing. One was a grill and the other was a blender. Since Hogan wasn’t around when the call came in, George Foreman took the grill and Hogan got left with the blender that apparently made no dough. I guess George is one smart man. Then again maybe his charisma and charm are what worked so well to sell the George Foreman indoor outdoor grill like hot cakes.

Either way this is one hot item, and if you own one you surely understand why. Basically the George Foreman indoor outdoor grill is not a pricey product, it works well, it’s a healthy alternative to the old-school method, and it is just so easy to clean. Not to mention there’s no charcoal involved. If you’ve yet to purchase one of these fine grilling aids, get online and pick one up today.